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parks and recreation commission

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Members of the parks and recreation commission, which turns 25 in October, are looking for newspaper clippings, photographs, videos and other memorabilia relating to the group’s activities. Commission member Mary Ann Burns said the group will compile the memorabilia for an informational booth at Springfest June 10. Anyone with materials to contribute should contact Burns at 658 7698 or drop the materials in the parks and recreation mailbox in the selectmen’s office at town hall by May 10..

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Zapata Alvarez was released with tickets for Town Court. Saturday on misdemeanor charges of drunken driving and operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol exceeding.08 percent following a two car car crash. No injuries were reported in the crash, police said.

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never recovered from seeing

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If the race was 10 or 12 days long, they’d be much better. You have to do it all.”Ullrich, the 1997 champion and a five time runner up, never recovered from seeing Armstrong zoom into the distance for two straight days in the Pyrenees.There, the only rider to stay with Armstrong was Basso, a 26 year old with the makings of a future winner. He came out of the Alps, where Armstrong for the first time in his career won three consecutive stages, in second place overall.But Kloden, the German champion and Ullrich’s teammate, outdid the soft spoken Basso in the final time trial, placing third behind Armstrong and Ullrich.

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