Location & Proximity

Customers behave in many different ways while visiting your business. This is translated into multiple movement patterns, including movement flows and timings. Crowdsify allows you to access this valuable information.

Direct communication

We reach consumers at the right time with the right message with the right experience. Our flexible system will fit your needs defining scenarios where execute actions like sending promotions or showing location-specific content.


Beacons are small devices that broadcast signals. With them we can determine easily, and with low power consumption, the proximity of a smartphone. We help you to implement a successful proximity ecosystem based on your business needs.

How many customers came last week?

How long the queues were?

Which areas are visited more often?

How long and which areas are covered by my staff?

What are the paths that my customers walk by?

Device manufacturer freedom. No vendor lock-in.

Engage your customers

Push location-based content to your users and offer them an excitement experience. Give your users a good reason to remember.

Improve your marketing

Increase your consumer relationships and loyalty strengthening your branding. Proximity and location-aware communication is the best channel to target your audience, in the proper context.

Activate your business

Define your business rules to power-up sales and get the best results from your logistics and layout strategies.

Indoor & outdoor directions

With the proximity technologies we are able to give efficient and low power consumption solutions to guide your users to get to the right place in your locations.


Analyze our statistics and evaluate your user activities. Track it right with our reports, heat maps and flow maps.


Together, we define the devices layout and guide you to get the best proximity-based strategy. We offer you the support you need during the project lifecycle: before, during and afterwards.

Can work mostly offline, if required.

Our project lifecycle

Requirements Analysis

You and us work together studying your goals. We come up with a custom proposal for you. This proposal consists in a strategy plan that is a translation of your interests into an iBeacon™ solution. Together, we define the devices layout and the contents that will be delivered to your users.


After defining the requirements, our tech team starts executing the project. We like our customers to be involved into the process, that’s why we are agile methodologies practitioners. With your continuous feedback we make sure that, by the end of this step, you get exactly what you expect.

Deploy and test

In this stage we install the iBeacons™ in your business. We do quality assurance tests to guarantee that the users will get the best experience. We always double-check the complete solution on-site.

Launch & follow up

We assess you before launching the project live. And, we follow it up in order to improve the user experience based on the feedback received from the users interaction.

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